Devour the Day Live Show Review

Devour the Day
With Special Guests
Westfall and Coldville

The Machine Shop - Flint, MI

Photos & review by Eric @eRock6of6 exclusively for @fullmetalrock

Memphis hard rockers Devour the Day took over the World Famous Machine Shop stage this past Thursday night with notable opening support from two Michigan bands: Coldville and WestFall. DTD are currently out on the road in support of their latest release S.O.A.R. (an acronym for Suffer, Overcome, and Recover). Without a doubt, a solid follow up to 2013's 'Time & Pressure' from vocalist/guitarist Blake Allison, bassist Joey "Chicago" Walser, drummer Ronnie Farris and lead guitarist David Hoffman.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Devour the Day frontman, Blake Allison, after their show and I asked him which song on the new album was his favorite. He said, "Anything from this one (points to the first song on the back of the CD, "S.O.A.R") this one (points to the last song, "Save Yourself"). In other words, he was very proud of the CD as a whole, not just one song in particular. "A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making this record..", he continued. And after just seeing their amazing performance minutes beforehand, I had no doubt in my mind.

DTD played a good mix of songs from both release including: “Respect”, “Good Man", “Lightning In The Sky”, “S.O.A.R.”, “Step Aside”, “Blackout”, “Golden City”, “Heaven”, “The Bottom”, “Faith", and “Save Yourself”.

These guys put it all out there when they're on stage from song one. Jolting and bounding around on stage as if electricity was surging through their bodies. By the end of the second song ("Respect") you could literally see the sweat that had fallen on Joey Chicago's bass from his energetic performance. It was evident these guys were having fun performing for their fans and the fans gladly reciprocated that energy. This is what seeing a live rock show is all about.

If passion truly does breed followers, then Devour the Day are well on their way. Don't miss your chance to check them out when they come through your area. And while you're there~ don't forget to pick up a copy of their new CD "S.O.A.R." Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky enough to meet the guys after the show and have them sign your copy for you!


Joey "Chicago" Walser - bass, backing vocals
Blake Allison - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Ronnie Farris - drums
David Hoffman - lead guitar


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