Digital Summer
Counting The Hours
Victory Records
Review ~ Downshifter

Professionally produced, Professionally recorded, Professionally written, and Professionally executed.

Digital Summer is simply a kick ass band, and on this release Digital Summer delivers the goods. Based out of Phoenix Arizona this band has been plugging away, and is one of the hardest working bands in the area. I have seen them live and believe me, they can bring it.

I have been very impressed with this band, and as an editor, I would attach my name to this band, any day of the week.

This release is ipod worthy, and is personally on my ipod- under the title "Driving music" because I like to drive fuckin fast, and fast at night. Digital summer is the perfect soundtrack to this fetish of mine. You can hear the passion in the lyrics, and the music. If I had to compare them to any band, I would paint a picture of Sevendust meets Breaking Benjamin, meets 3 Days Grace. All The guys in this Band are awesome dudes and Fish is a Bad Ass Guitarist!

Sixteen great tracks grace Counting the Hours

Track Listing:

01. Counting The Hours
02. Just Run
03. Hostage
04. Playing The Saint (feat. Morgan Rose)
05. Shallow (Closer Than The Angels)
06. Anybody Out There
07. Morphine
08. The Thrill
09. Rescue Me
10. Today
11. Inside My Head
12. Use Me
13. So Beautiful, So Evil
14. Not Even God
15. Something More
16. While The City Sleeps

Catch Digital Summer on Tour With Sevendust and Drowning Pool

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