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Las Vegas NV
By: ~ Downshifter

After attending the 2012 VEGAS ROCKS! Magazine Awards and seeing MYCRODOT receive an award for BEST VEGAS ROCK BAND, I had to see for myself what the buzz was all about. So I setup to go see them play the eNVy Showcase 8/31 at HOB Vegas. After seeing some very good opening bands, MYCRODOT hit the stage as the closer. They played a great set, and sounded very good, as if they had been playing together as a band for many years, and they all gel together very well. A straight up Rock band that you should go checkout live, if you are in Vegas, or plan to visit. I was impressed by them, and look forward to following their journey. Also I must mention they are very professional, and good people.



Jesse Caloca: Bass, Lead Vocals.
Justin Fredrickson: Guitars.
Timmy Garb: Guitars.
Dave Hein: Drums.

Manager: Olga Fredrickson


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