Man The Mighty Live Gig Review Glasgow

Man The Mighty

O2ABC Glasgow June 13, 2016

By Maggie Wright @metalmaggieuk

Playing Glasgow for the very first time, Man The Mighty (MTM) are accomplishing many firsts this year. Following a UK tour with Tremonti in late 2015, the hard rock band from Chicago returned as support for the “Dust” European tour this summer. They must have made an excellent impression last November/December, as the venue was far fuller than one would expect for an opening band.

Fresh off the presses, the June 3rd release of their EP “Paper Crown” has been flying off the merch shelves. Indeed, the physical copies at the O2ABC sold out before they came off the stage. It was something I’d never seen happen at a gig, and a real positive sign of not only the reputation that has preceded MTM, but also of their performance on the night. Combining melodic vocals and harmonies with hard hitting rhythms and skilful guitar work, MTM has, in a very short space of time, established a fan base across the UK and Europe.

A rarity in any line of work, MTM have known each other and been friends since their early school days. “I can’t even remember how old we were when we met, we just seem to have always known each other,” says frontman and guitarist Derek Smith, after pondering for a few moments. “We’ve been playing together 16 years or so.” Smith, Tim Tournier (guitar, vocals), Tyler Nelson (bass) and Matt Harmening (drums), all knew each other in middle school but “Tyler and Nelson were in a different band.”

After successfully releasing a full length album, “I Am Icarus”, in 2013, this time MTM opted for an EP release. “We have other songs already written. We wanted to get this collection of songs out for the European tour,” explains Smith, a decision that enables them to continue touring between full length album releases It is of definite benefit for the fans, as evident by the crowd’s reaction during their set, most of whom had never seen the band live before. Nelson fed off the crowd’s energy and really gave it all he had in song after song, as did Harmening, in a performance worthy of a headline slot.

The older songs, such as Ghosts, and All or Nothing, were known by the crowd, who joined in singing at every opportunity With a sound that had definite Staind and Tool influences, MTM brought an incredibly tight, professional performance that reflected the experience they have as a band. Yet they were incredibly humble both on stage and off. Heavy guitar riffs, powerful bass lines, intense drums and melodic vocals with the very popular blistering guitar solo were the recipe for a perfect opening set; and I could easily see them having their own UK tour in the very near future!

One of my favorite songs, Sick, seems to have become as much of a fan favorite on this side of the pond as it is stateside. Having never seen MTM live, this was a real high point of the set for me. Smith’s vocals were on point and I got actual goosebumps not just from hearing the band perform it, but from the fans’ reaction as well. I was also blown away by the title track from the new EP and being able to witness Tournier’s guitar skills on this song in particular… well I was in utter awe!

I was impressed at how well known the songs from “Paper Crown” were known by the crowd. Normally I wouldn't expect such an impressive reaction on a band’s first appearance in a city. There is obviously something very special about this band of brothers! They see to have grown in popularity exponentially since touring the UK just six months ago. There has been “definite progression” with the band and their songwriting, according to Smith, and it has me excited about what the future holds for them!

Man The Mighty Are:

Derek Smith (lead vocals, guitar)
Tim Tournier (guitar, vocals)
Tyler Nelson (bass)
Matt Harmening (drums)

Paper Crown Track List:

The Coldest Day in August
Dead Man Walking
Friend or Foe
Paper Crown
Man Made Thunder

Paper Crown is out now

Digitally via iTunes, Google Play and Spotify

Physical copies available via

For More Info Visit:

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