Megadeth - Lamb Of God Live Review

Megadeth & Lamb Of God Live Review

November 12, 2015, O2 Apollo Manchester, Manchester, UK
By Maggie Wright

When one of the Titans of metal announces tour dates, there is always a certain excitement. When TWO announce that they are co- headlining, you just know you don't want to miss it! Metal monsters, Megadeth and kings of death metal, Lamb of God combined to perform one of the outstanding events of the year as part of a five city tour of Ireland and the U.K.

Manchester is a city that loves its rock, and almost every big name band ensures they have this city on their tour list. Proof of that was the line of fans that started queuing early in the day to ensure a barrier position at the O2 Apollo. By 4:00 p.m., the line stretched around the building and down the block. In the mass of fans standing in the pouring rain, you could make out 70's style denim vests here and there, with band patches representing all the rock gods, amidst the predominantly black clad crowd. No amount of precipitation was going to dampen the spirits on this night!

With one of the best metal line-ups I'd seen this year, the night kicked off with England's own Sylosis. With an impressive set, this already established band performed with all the energy and passion of a headliner. Despite the crowd still entering the building, due to the doors being opened late, they proved to be far more than a warm up act. Finnish band, Children of Bodom, started gaining worldwide attention in 2003 and had recently released their ninth studio album, "I Worship Chaos". Their fans were extremely vocal in their support from the moment they stepped on stage and shouts of "Bodom" continued after they left the stage.

For the first of the co-headliners, the stage had two large screens with Chris Adler's drums set in the middle, which began showing images of destruction before the band entered the stage. When Lamb of God started their set, the whole venue erupted. Opening with Walk With Me in Hell, Randy Blythe (vocals), who had acknowledged being assaulted in Ireland just three days prior, showed no signs of being hampered or affected as he tore up the stage. The impact of the images of war and military personnel was immense; however, it was difficult not to focus on just Blythe, who had an intensity and power to his vocals that seemed to reach right into your very soul. 512 was met with a huge roar and from that moment on the night went from being one of the best metal line-ups I'd seen to THE best metal line-up I'd seen this year, and then some.

Moving from one area to another continuously throughout the set, Blythe's energy seemed contagious as one of the biggest indoor mosh pits I've ever seen formed across the room. Witnessing this from the upper circle was most impressive! Halfway through the set, Blythe paused to dedicate Ruin to Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor (Motorhead), who had passed away the previous day. The crowd applauded, out of respect for the drummer and in recognition of his life, and acknowledgment of the loss of another one of the greats.

Lamb of God continued their relentless onslaught in song after song. Heavy, hard, fierce and furious, the demanding pace never let up and the fans were totally up for it. Despite the notice on the wall of the O2 Apollo near the barrier (if you come over the barrier again you will be ejected), the moshers paid it no heed. Girls and guys alike crowd surfed over and over and over the barrier again. You just can't tell metal heads what to do! The thirteen song set list, which included two songs off the latest album, "VII: Sturm und Drang" (which to be honest, I wanted more!) left everyone in the venue drenched with sweat. All I have to add is that when LoG play a gig anywhere near your town, do not miss it!

The crowd seemed to use the break between sets to re-energize because they showed no signs of slowing. There was a definite youthful feel to the gig. Despite this year marking the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Megadeth's seminal debut album "Killing is My Business... And Business is Good", the average age of the audience seemed well below 25. That might make some think that people were there for the earlier bands, but that would be a mistake. The crowd size grew with every band, and not a soul left before the house lights went up. A whole new generation of Megadeth fans, who hadn't even started primary school when the band first formed, moshing as much to the old classics as they were to the newer releases.

With an additional wide screen above the drum set, the fans were treated to an impressive visual display. Speaking of drums, Lamb of God's Adler, now pulling double duty as a member of Megadeth, was a force to be reckoned with. His performance with Lamb of God was skillfully brutal. Whatever depths of stamina he dug down to, to achieve his performance with Megadeth, only he knows. But the audience knew that they had witnessed something superhuman.

Partway through the night, Mustaine paused a moment to acknowledge that it was David Ellefson's (bassist) birthday, and broke into a metal version of Happy Birthday, to which the fans joined in. Not quite satisfied that it was sufficient, the audience belted out an a capella version which was even louder than the first. To which Ellefson returned from back stage with a beaming smile and a wave of thanks. Whatever Manchester were making the band feel that night, Ellefson's smile summed it up.

Newcomer Kiko Loureiro proved himself worthy of being chosen after the departure of Chris Broderick. The Brazilian guitarist connected with the audience from the first song and his charisma and stage presence were matched equally with his skills on lead guitar. At one point I really wondered, "Who was enjoying the evening more, Megadeth or the fans?" The answer was probably a respectable tie, and Mustaine summed it up perfectly as the band went tot take a bow. "YOU are amazing, and WE are Megadeth!"

Megadeth Are:

Dave Mustaine: lead vocals, guitar David Ellefson: bass, backing vocals Kiko Loureiro: lead guitar, backing vocals Chris Adler (of Lamb of God): drums

Megadeth Set List

Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
In My Darkest Hour
Sweating Bullets
Dawn Patrol
Poison Was the Cure
Tornado of Souls
Fatal Illusion
Skin o' My Teeth
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Silent Scorn
My Way (Sid Vicious cover)

Megadeth's 15th studio album, "Dystopia" is due out January 22, 2016

Lamb of God Are:

Randy Blythe: lead vocals
Chris Adler: drums
Willie Adler: guitar
Mark Morton: guitar
John Campbell: bass

Lamb of God Set List:

Walk With Me in Hell
Now You've Got Something to Die For
Still Echoes
Ghost Walking
Ruin (dedicated to Phil Taylor)
Set to Fail
Laid to Rest
Black Label

"VII: Sturm und Drang" is out now

Megadeth/Lamb of God Ireland & UK tour dates were:

9 Nov Dublin
11 Nov Glasgow
12 Nov Manchester
14 Nov London
15 Nov Birmingham

Lamb of God Tour dates with Children of Bodom and Sylosis:

17 Nov Stuttgart, Germany
18 Nov Tilburg, Netherlands
19 Nov Oberhausen, Germany
20 Nov Wiesbaden, Germany
22 Nov Zurich, Switzerland
23 Nov Lausanne, Switzerland
24 Nov Milan, Italy
25 Nov Munich, Germany
26 Nov Vienna, Austria
28 Nov Leipzig, Germany
29 Nov Brussels, Belgium
30 Nov Hamburg, Germany
1 Dec Copenhagen, Denmark
3 Dec Helsinki, Finland

2016 U.S Tour dates for Lamb of God with Anthrax can be found at:


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