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This DVD captures and documents what is more than likely the final chapter for Ministry. Last Tangle In Paris captures some amazing live performances, in-studio, rehearsal and backstage footage, and some great interviews with the band. Filmed performances were shot in 2012 on the DeFiBRiLaTouR.

The performances on the DVD are awesome, and the entire band was firing on all cylinders, epic guitar work of Michael Scaccia (Who Passed away months later in December 2012) ~RIP

The entire band was awesome, as lead by the godfather of industrial Al Jougensen. Who at times can be very unpredictable, and keeps the music dangerous, and raw. The film quality and audio is also great.

This DVD captures the final tour, and captures it wery well. If this ends up being the last Ministry Release ever (and it probably is) it is the perfect one.

It serves as the ultimate look into what Ministry was all about, and the ultimate tribute to Michael Scaccia, and his epic guitar work. Truly an underrated player.

A must have for any Ministry fans, and also anyone who likes metal, or great live performances. This DVD Kicks Ass.

The Audio CD's (2) are a tour retrospective, with live performances dating back to 2006. These disks are amazing as well, and include 18 kick ass tracks. Perfect to take on road trips.

DVD/Blu-ray track list:

01. Ghouldiggers
02. No "W"
03. Senor Peligro
04. Lieslieslies
05. 99%Ers
06. Life Is Good
07. Relapse
08. The Last Sucker
09. Psalm 69
10. New World Order
11. Just One Fix
12. Thieves

CD Disk 1 Audio Retro track list:

01. Ghouldiggers
02. No "W"
03. Senor Peligro
04. Rio Grande Blood
05. LiesLiesLies 06. 99%ers
07. Life Is Good
08. Relapse
09. The Last Sucker

CD Disk 2 Audio Retro track list:

01. Psalm 69
02. New World Order
03. Just One Fix
04. Thieves
05. Khyber Pass
06. Fear Is Big Business
07. Let's Go
08. Watch Yourself
09. So What

Full Metal Rock Gives
Last Tangle In Paris

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