Pop Evil Live Photo Review

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Pop Evil Live Photo Review

February 12, 2017


Cincinnati, OH

Welcome to 2017 and another year of covering some of the best rock and metal shows in the country for Full Metal Rock dot com. Bogart’s, a favorite local concert venue in Cincinnati, Ohio and it is packed tonight with a crowd that can't wait to join our impressive lineup in kicking off our new year right. Badflower, Red Sun Rising and our power house band, PopEvil, are performing.

Badflower, formed in 2013 in Los Angeles, California, is pure high energy and excitement. Lead singer Josh Katz brings the lyrics and the enthusiasm with his personal swagger that commands the stage and captures the audience's attention as they perform. Guitarist Joey Morrow, bassist Alex Espiritu and drummer Anthony Sonett solidify the grungy, heavy and bluesy music that is their signature sound.

Our local rock band from Akron, Ohio, Red Sun Rising, has been blowing up XM Satellite Radio as well as the local stations all over Ohio with hits like “Amnesia”, “Emotionless” and “The Other Side”. Backing vocalist Mike Protich, is his long time friend, Ryan Williams. Ryan and Dave McGarry work their dueling guitars, while bassist Ricky Miller and drummer Pat Gerasia round out their heavy evolving, yet, creatively fresh sound. I saw them for the first time in 2016 and am thrilled to see that they just keep getting better.

Remember the packed house? You should have been here to hear it for yourself as the crowd cheered and screamed when the lights dimmed one final time for tonight’s last group performance. This band has FANs. FANatical fans and I'm not surprised. Pop Evil puts one one heck of a show.

For starters, all of the band members of Pop Evil came to the stage except vocalist Leigh Kakaty. Hmm, so where is our lead singer? And why is there a lone masked grafitti artist leaving his own mark on the wall of art behind the stage? Yeah, yeah, of course it was Kakaty, who jumped onto the stage during their opening song “Trenches”. Dave Grahs and Nick Fuelling Guitar work was masterful as they worked the whole stage playing in unison not missing a single note. The thundering bass lines and head banging of Matt DiRito whirling his hair around the stage like a human tornado kept the music and the crowd going. Newest member, drummer Hayley Cramer, is an animal behind her kit and pours everything into her performance on every song. Leigh Kakaty is still one of the great front men of his time, never disappointing as he works the stage and influences his band mates as they continue to lay it down night after night. If you have a chance to see Pop Evil in your local area, do yourself a favor and go out and experience them live.

Pop Evil Are:

Leigh Kakaty Vocals
Davey Grahs Guitar
Nick Fuelling Guitar
Hayley Cramer Drums
Matt DiRito Bass

For More Info:



twitter @PopEvil


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