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If you know your metal/hard rock history surely you know The Killer Dwarfs. The Killer Dwarfs were a Canadian heavy metal band formed in the early 80's founded by Russ Dwarf, and made it big with their songs and the help of their unique and fun videos on MTV (Yes kids, MTV actually played music videos at one time)

The fact that I lived in Canada during the mid 80's had no impact on my draw to this band, I did not discover them until my return to the U.S and I first heard their music on KNAC radio based out of Long Beach Calif. I purchased their album Stand Tall on vinyl (Still Have it) and several tracks on this album are simply anthems to me.

The Killer Dwarfs would go on to big things, they even toured with Iron Maiden during the 88 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Tour.

As with much of the bands of this time period, The Killer Dwarfs would fade.

The Killer Dwarfs had their last run around 2004.

Russ Dwarf the founder and lead vocalist has sold close to two million records worldwide and has had a career spanning more than 30 years, and now he delivers one of my favorite albums of 2013 in Wireless.

This is a collection of The Killer Dwarfs songs stripped down and acoustic. Russ delivers amazing vocals and has some of the best pipes in the business, Sure this is not a new formula, but when one does it correctly it can be magical, case in point Nirvana Unplugged sessions. This new album from Russ has that quality to it. It has already earned a spot in my “Best Of 2013” list.

If you know me, you know I do not like trends, cookie cutter music, or formulas, or most music you can find at walmart. I do like original, from the heart, raw, true talent. This Album from Russ Dwarf delivers on all fronts. Russ has a golden talent in his vocals, they are like a instrument in the hands of a virtuoso. On Wireless you can clearly hear that. I was able to cleary make out lyrics I had misheard for over 25 years.

The Guitar work (Glenn Belcher) is amazing as well, even Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns and Roses) and Glen Drover (Ex-Megadeth) lend some hands.

Back Up Vocals (Rob "Zaks" Zakojc) are great and a perfect fit.

5 of 5 Stars

Russ is currently the lead singer for Canadian Rockers MOXY

Track List:

Keep The Spirit Alive
Stand Tall
I'm Alive
Startin' To Shine
Doesn't Matter
Comin' Through
Dirty Weapons
Look Around
Four Seasons
Driftin' Back

The Musicians:

Russ Dwarf - Vocals
Glenn Belcher - Guitars/Sitars/Banjo/Wood
Rob "Zaks" Zakojc - Bass/All Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:

Kevin Simpson - Guitar
Dan Lear - Guitar
Kevin Reid - Guitar
Fred Duvall - Bottles Of Anger
Cosimo Crupi - Keyboards
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns and Roses) - Guitar
Glen Drover (Ex-Megadeth)- Guitar

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MAY 10, 2013


Legendary Canadian band KILLER DWARFS, are very excited to announce that they are reuniting to support the release of their “Lost” album Start @ One . The tracks were recorded in 1993 at Powerlines Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with Producer/Engineer Fred Duvall. Fred also recently produced and recorded the very successful Russ Dwarf acoustic release Wireless. The album`s lineup of Russ Dwarf, Darrell Dwarf, Ronbo Dwarf, and Gerry Dwarf is the same as the bands prior Sony/Epic release Method to the Madness in 1991. The original master tapes are currently being digitally remixed and re-mastered for the release scheduled for early July 2013. This is the 20th anniversary of the recording of this never released album.

The Track Listing for Start @ One is:

1. Lonely Road

2. Solid Ground

3. Sky is Falling

4. Adelina

5. Psycho Circus

6. Start @ One

7. Down in Hollywood

8. Walk on By

9. The Crowd

Plus 2 New Bonus Tracks that are being written just for this release!

The CD will be available worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other distribution channels.

After the amazing success and critical acclaim of this year’s acoustic release ``Wireless`` the fans were re-acquainted with the music of the Killer Dwarfs and they demanded to hear more from the band.

The Killer Dwarfs have announced that they will be touring to support the release of Start @ One and are preparing for US, Canadian and European Tour dates. Dates are still to be finalized and will be announced over the next few months. A live CD and DVD from this tour are also planned as well as the launch of a new website for the fans to Keep the Spirit Alive!


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