The Raven Age Interview - Live Review

The Raven Age
~By Maggie Wright

London melodic metal band, The Raven Age (TRA), are currently on the Tremonti European tour; and what a start they’ve had. The opening night of the tour, 25 November 2015, was a night to be remembered. Coming on stage in Armazém F, after the incredible warm up by Lisbon natives, The Temple, TRA made an impact by opening their set off-stage. The sounds of Dan Wright (guitar) and George Harris (guitar) could be heard in the intro to Uprising, which is also the first song on their debut, self-titled EP. As the band members come on stage, to the delight of the Portuguese crowd, Michael Burrough begins to sing using a microphone in mono. This song is short, but powerful, and Burrough’s voice is reminiscent of that of Aaron Lewis (Staind). What got my attention with this song was definitely Jai Patel’s skills on the drums. Perhaps because of how softly the song begins, but more likely because he can frickin play.

The set continues to follow the EP order with Eye Among The Blind, a song I really feel shows off the bands talents, individually and collectively; lyrically and musically. For tempo and pace, my favorite songs of the set was a head to head tie between Death March and Angel in Disgrace. By the time Death March started, the crowd had been completely been won over, and, despite not knowing the songs, began to sing along with the choruses. All the bands there that night could not have picked a better crowd if they had handpicked every person themselves.

Angel’s in Disgrace was the perfect song for TRA to end their set with. Full of energy and angst that transcended language barriers, the powerful pace that filled their set was ramped up one more notch. Matt Cox was a powerhouse on bass, and the chemistry between the guitarist was ferocious. This band definitely made an impression. Judging by their EP, combined with witnessing their live performance, there is no doubt this band has hit the mark.

Set List:

Eye Among The Blind
The Death March
Trapped Within The Shadows
The Merciful One
Salem’s Fate
Angel In Disgrace

The Raven Age EP track listing:

Uprising Eye Among The Blind The Death March Angel In Disgrace

The Rave Age Are:

Michael Burrough - lead vocals
Matt Cox - bass guitar
Dan Wright - guitar
George Harris - guitar
Jai Patel - drums

The Raven Age are currently on tour with Tremonti in Europe For dates and tickets, and further info:

The Raven Age have been announced as support for Iron Maiden on the Book of Souls World Tour in 2016


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