The Panic Forecast
Review by: ~ Larry

You can spend hours searching and listening to metal bands on the internet; and out of 100 bands, at least half of them will sound the alike. One band that will not fit the mold is SOILWORK! Over the years they have created a sound uniquely their own. Some of it by the sheer fact they have had several lineup changes, but mostly due to innovative creativity.

THE PANIC BROADCAST is a perfect display of their creative prowess; to say a masterpiece would be an understatement. Every song on this CD was written as though to display each members individual skill level, but at the same time, not overdone to the point of egoism. At the very beginning, the drummer takes you on a wild ride, which foreshadows the coming onslaught. The first track is a testament to the oncoming intensity which resonates throughout The Broadcast!

The two previous efforts from these guys got a lot of criticism(I thought they were great), thus, Late for the kill. But SOILWORK are here to Slaughter! The guitar work on THE THRILL(track 3) is some of the best ever recorded by these Swedish natives. Track 7 (Let This River Flow) is perfectly titled, as the song structure flows so brilliantly. The rhythm section, although intense at times, carries you along into oblivion. And for those that would question the vocal skills, there is The Akuma Afterglow! It’s almost as though there are two different vocalist due to the tonal changes. I foresee THE PANIC BROADCAST being heralded as one of 2010’s best releases!






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