Taka Minamino
Angel Wing
Crystal Force Records
CD Review By ~ Downshifter

Taka Minamino proves shred lord on his 2009 release Angel Wing, Guitar work is impressive, not only the speed of it, but it has what most shredders forget about, it has some soul. Guest appearances on Angel Wing include Jeff Scott Soto and Derek Sherinian, other than that, this entire cd is full out Taka. If I had to compare it to another release, I would put Taka right next to Yngwie, so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about in general. Best thing to do is pickup your own copy of Angel Wing or checkout www.takaminamino.jp and decide for yourself. I look forward to bigger and better things for Taka and I hope to get the chance to see his skills live in 2010. Full Metal Rock gives Taka 2 thumbs up. Hold on to your hats

Track List

Divine Death
Afterlife In The Hell
Violence Breeds Violence
Forever Love
Angel Wing
Memories Of You
My Requiem
End Of Tranquility

Taka Minamino on Guitar
Kevin Jones on Vocal
Jeff Scott Soto on Guest Vocal
Derek Sherinian on Guest Keys
Rafael Borks on Keyboards
Tony Franklin on Guest Bass
Kelly Simonz on Bass
Jeff Bowders on Drums

Produced By Taka Minamino






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