Walking With Giants - Album Review

Walking With Giants "Worlds Unknown" Album Review
~By Maggie Wright

Having followed the works of Gary Noon for the past couple years, I was excited to hear of the full length album release. With the additional talents of Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Brian Marshall (Alter Bridge) and Morgan Rose (Sevendust), I had high expectations. And "Worlds Unknown" did not disappoint!

Noon's ability to dig deep into his own emotions and immortalized them in a way we can all relate to has always impressed me. His collaboration with Lowery has resulted in an body of work that is Walking With Giants' best to date.

Beginning with an ethereal instrumental, "Worlds Unknown" had me listening to the album repeatedly. I could not resist to listen to the title track parts one and two and the bonus track consecutively. Although I see the logic in the track order, this instrumental is worthy of hearing as a whole. With an underlying simple yet profound melody carried by the keyboards, the composition and structure of this song is absolutely mesmerizing.

Lyrically, Noon and Lowery have written some amazing lines. One of my absolute favorites being in Bound, where Noon sings about "running out of tomorrows". While vocally I found it difficult to choose a favorite, I felt Noon's voice at its strongest in Solid Ground and the harmonies in Another Life were outstanding.

I am an admirer of all the artists involved on this CD individually and in regards to their main bands. Marshall shows his talents extend far beyond the realms of Alter Bridge, and I often find myself following his bass line through songs. Morgan, who was nominated in Loudwire's best rock drummer category this year, also exceeds himself, showing his versatility and precision throughout the tracks.

Lowery's voice and guitar playing compliments and seems to empower Noon's, bringing something deeper and stronger than Walking With Giants' previous work. The songs are not only inspirational, which is something I have come to expect from Noon, but expressive to a level that sometimes it's as if Noon has invited us to invade his private thoughts.

Produced by Lowery and recorded at Architekt Studios, "Worlds Unknown" is a magnificent album and shows what Noon and the contributing artists are capable of. This is music that is real and relatable.

Full Metal Rock Gives Walking With Giants 'Worlds Unknown'

2 Thumbs Up

Album artwork by Gogi Randhawa of Msndrstd Designs

"Worlds Unknown", the full-length CD from Walking With Giants is out now

Track Listing:

01 - Worlds Unknown part 1
02 - Broken Truth
03 - Back To Life
04 - Bound
05 - Heavy Hand
06 - Endless Road
07 - The Now
08 - Guilty One
09 - Different Voice
10 - Solid Ground
11 - Worlds Unknown part 2
12 - Another Life (acoustic)
13 - Crashing Down (acoustic)
14 - Worlds Unknown bonus track

Walking With Giants features the talents of:

Gary Noon - vocals, guitars
Clint Lowery - guitar, additional vocal
Brian Marshall - bass guitar
Morgan Rose - drums

For more info:


Clint Lowery - “When the vocals are laid down, the songs become real. It’s the most vulnerable process. To me, it’s the biggest element with all the songs. The music is great, but if the vocals are done right, the music moves to the back and the vocals become the voice of the song.”

Morgan Rose - “When your bread and butter is something, there’s a lot more pressure on it. And when you’re doing something like this, which is very important - it’s Gary’s vision - I take that real seriously. I want to make sure that whatever I so is something he’ll enjoy and really want on this record. It’s just different. It’s much smoother, the pressure isn’t like it is when you’re dealing with a different situation. I’ve said it everyday I’ve been here: I look at Clint and I’m like: ”man, this is so relaxed, so easy, everybody’s just laid back, the whole thing is just real smooth. I wanted to play drums because I wanted to feel like this.”

Brian Marshall - “The Walking With Giants sound, it’s Gary and Clint, it’s kind of eclectic, this batch of songs were are a little more fun to play, it kind of lent itself well for a bass player, as there was a lot more space in there so I could move a little more freely and not stick with the overall just chord progressions. As I bass player, I like to move around and create melodies with the bass line but still not step on anybody’s else’s parts. Gary’s ideas usually come across to me through the demos he sends me through the internet, and when I hear them I’m usually blown away by his creative ability. I try to see how I can help him lock in the ideas and make the sound tighter. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.”

Gary Noon - “I have concepts, that’s usually what I arrive with. There are certain things that are weighing on my mind or things I love to think about, which gauges what each song might be about. I’ve got a lot to shoot for on the vocal parts and set certain goals for myself that I hoped to hit on this record.”

Produced by Clint Lowery
Mixed by Mike Ferretti
Engineered by Mike Ferretti
Assisted by William Schneider and Johnny Fantozzi
Recorded and Mixed at Architekt Studios in Butler, New Jersey
Mastered by Andy Van Dette at Engine Room Audio, New York
Keyboards and Sound Design by Kurt Wubbenhorst at Architekt

All songs written by Gary Noon and Clint Lowery
(The Six Words (ASCAP)), (CTH Lowery Publishing (ASCAP))

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