Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge is set to release their Fourth Studio Album 'Fortress' and simply their best to date. Heavy, Dark, and down right Bad Ass.

This band has continued to grow and push the boundaries, something that is pretty much void in Rock and Roll these days.

We would call this album 'Monumental' and 'Intense'.

This album is not full of polished studio magic, it is however well produced, straight to the point, and mixed very well.

The band hits on all cylinders, and delivers an amazing sound. These guys are musicians, musicians. The best of the best. It all fits together well.

We like to think of them as our little secret at Full Metal Rock, and we try and attend every show, and event possible.

When it comes to song structure, delivery and live execution Alter Bridge always delivers.

When we thought Blackbird could not be topped, they blew us away with AB III

Enter Fortress

Minds Blown

Heavy, Bad Ass, Epic, Soul, A Career Defining Album Indeed.

Go Get It


5 of 5 Stars

Alter Bridge Is:

Myles Kennedy – lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar

Mark Tremonti – lead and rhythm guitar, vocals

Brian Marshall – bass

Scott Phillips – drums, percussion


1. Cry of Achilles
  2. Addicted to Pain
3. Bleed It Dry 
4. Lover
5. The Uninvited  
6. Peace Is Broken  
7. Calm the Fire
8. Waters Rising
9. Farther than the Sun
   10. Cry a River   
11. All Ends Well   
12. Fortress  


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