Smith Myers Acoustic Live Photo Review

Smith/Myers Acoustic ~Live Photo Review
The Machine Shop
Flint, MI
Photos & review by Eric @eRock6of6 exclusively for @fullmetalrock

Seasoned rock veterans Brent Smith & Zach Myers (of Shinedown) performed an acoustic set in front of a capacity crowd at the Machine Shop Tuesday night. One stop in a short run of dates this December, it was recorded as the fastest sell-out show in Machine Shop history (selling out in about 20 minutes).

Their set opened with “Big Empty”, assuredly as a tribute to the late STP & Velvet Revolver frontman, Scott Weiland. This intimate setting allowed for Smith & Myers to really connect with the crowd and offered fans a different experience than what they might normally get at a regular Shinedown show. Telling a little back story about the song they were about to play or bantering with each other between songs, you could really get a sense of the respect they had not just for each other but also for their fans. A couple of times during their set, Brent Smith was humbled thanked the fans (or 'family' as he better described them) for being there from day 1 and getting them where they are today. He also thanked Flint's local radio station, the Banana 101.5.

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Midway through Smith stepped aside and let (Zach) Myers take center stage to showcase his talents. Joined by the night's opener, Zack Mack and Myers performed stellar versions of The Verve Pipe's "The Freshman" and the Black Crowe's "She Talks To Angels", prefacing the latter by saying "you might recognize this one if you were raised right". Whether they were performing songs from their Shinedown catalog or one of a number of cover songs, the Machine Shop was engaged the whole night singing passionately in unison.

An all around great show and opportunity if you are able to catch this tour. Brent Smith has such a clean, powerful voice and Zach's playing is equally as impressive. No distortion or effects to 'hide' behind, just raw talent.


Big Empty
If You Only Knew
Second Chance
Runaway Train
Misfits/Never Let Go (Zach on keys)
Shed Some Light
State of my Head
= Zachary =
(Freshman, She Talks to Angels/Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For)
Burning Bright
Cut the Cord
Wanted Dead or Alive
Call Me
Someone Like You
Simple Man
Sound of Madness

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