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2021 Is The Year Of The Wolf

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Wolfgang Van Halen First came on our Radar as the Bassist in Mark Tremonti's solo project Tremonti.

We saw him live several times and were very impressed.

Enter 2021, and all the absolute chaos of the past year.

...Words can not express.

And we will not simply state the obvious, We will not mention the most important loss to music, the world, and this young man.

That is another topic, subject, and tradedy to the whole world.

We will not mention that topic because we believe this music stands on its own.

Enter : Mammoth WVH

We have only heard 4 songs on this future release, and have been blown away.

Wolfgang wrote all the music, performed all the instruments, and simply wears his heart on his sleeve.

Simply put, Wolfgang is The Wizard of Oz

The Tinman wanted a heart, the Scarecrow wanted a brain, and the Cowardly Lion wanted courage.

This music wolfgang has put forward has massive heart, The Brains of a musical wizard, And the courage of the bravest soul we have seen, by laying it all on the line.

This is 100% what rock and roll is all about.

Based on we have heard so far, this could be one of the Best Albums of 2021

So Be warned


Is The Year Of The Wolf

Mammoth WVH

Be sure to check out these 4 songs:

Mammoth WVH: Distance:

Mammoth WVH: You're To Blame:

Mammoth WVH: Don't Back Down:

Mammoth WVH: Think It Over:

Official Website:



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