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Disturbed Live Photo Review

May 18, 2022

Kemba Live!

405 Neil Ave

Columbus, OH 43215

Photos and Review by ~James Urban

The Blitz presented the Disturbed in Columbus Ohio at Kemba Live for the 99.7 The Blitz: Great Summer Smokeout 2022.

Disturbed was greeted on stage by the roaring crowd all with fists in the air as they opened the show with Ten Thousand Fists, the music washed over the outside venue like a crashing wave on the beach. The crowd went wild as the band attacked us with their instruments like the maestros that they are. David is a master at controlling the tempo of the show and the crowd with his voice and demeanor. He spoke to the crowd about the state of things in our world and that music can bring us together as he went from song to song. The band was powerful and was on point with the music to accompany the striking words to each song pulling the crowd n deeper and deeper to the magic of the night. Older songs like Stupify, Stricken and Voices brought out the hardcore fans that have been rocking with them for years and keeps us coming back for the new material. The lights dimmed and they changed to stage to include string orchestra musicians as well as a piano and the band members join with acoustic instruments and orchestra type timpani drums. As David began to sing their iconic version of the iconic Simon and Garfunkel song, the mood changed to a collective voice all singing with the band and each other as I have not seen before at a show. David spoke up and thanked the crowd and the Blitz radio station as they played “Hey You”, their new song that the local radio has had on heavy rotation. Again, as the all of we Disturbed fans began to sing along, it was apparent that we loved the new song and have been glued to the radio station in preparation for the show. The show was full of energy and excitement from beginning to end as they closed the night with one of their most iconic songs, “Down with the sickness”! If you ever get a chance to see Disturbed live you will not be disappointed as it is a powerful and entertaining time.


Ten Thousand Fists

Inside the Fire


Are You Ready


The Vengeful One



Land of Confusion

(Genesis cover)

Hey You

The Game

The Sound of Silence

(Simon & Garfunkel cover)



The Light

Down With the Sickness

Favorite 'FMR' Moments: \m/ \m/

David leading the entire crowd through the band’s vintage songs like, Voices, Stricken and Stupify

Disturbed is:

Dan Donegan – guitars, programming, keyboards, backing vocals (1994–2011, 2015–present)

Mike Wengren – drums, percussion, backing vocals, programming (1994–2011, 2015–present)

David Draiman – lead vocals (1996–2011, 2015–present)

John Moyer – bass, backing vocals (2005–2011, 2015–present; session 2004–2005)

Opening Act(s):

Dirty Honey

Harmless Habit

For More Info:


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