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The Victorious Sky Tour

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Music fans of all ages packed The Fillmore early in anticipation for a night of great music as The Victorious Sky Tour made its pit-stop in Detroit, MI this past Sunday night. The tour offers a little something for everyone with varying degrees of tastes in the rock music genre. Powerhouse hard rock veterans Skillet and Alter Bridge team up for the first time as they co-headline the tour along with newcomers, Dirty Honey. Skillet is out in support of their latest release, "Victorious", while Alter Bridge are giving fans a glimpse of what's to come from their sixth studio release, "Walk the Sky", due out Oct 18th. Dirty Honey have been garnering a lot of buzz lately through social media as well as on the rock radio airwaves with their current single "When I'm Gone", which peaked at #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart last week.

Things got underway promptly at 7pm where Dirty Honey warmed our eardrums with a fresh take on that familiar classic vibe sound, performing songs from their self-titled debut EP. Frontman Marc Labelle engaged with the crowd often pointing the mic stand out for their participation. Guitarist John Notto and bassist Justin Smolian worked both sides of the stage often coming together for what I took as a good photo opp. Drummer Corey Coverstone treated fans to a drum solo mid set that played into 'Down The Road'. Dirty Honey are a tight knit group, with great energy. I'm certain it's only a matter of time that we'll be seeing them headline their own shows soon.  

Dirty Honey Set:  Scars Break You Heartbreaker Down the Road When I'm Gone Rolling 7's

The room fell dark, illuminated only by eight narrow video panels and a spectrum of laser colors. A new musical intro called 'One Life', played over the loud speakers as Alter Bridge prepare to take the stage. Scott 'Flip' Phillips is the first to be spotted taking his position on the drum riser and the crowd ignites as the remaining members walk out. The stage lights illuminate and Alter Bridge dive into performing one of their new singles, 'Wouldn't You Rather'.  The nights set covered a good range of tunes from the bands catalog. From newer material including 'Pay No Mind' and 'Take the Crown' to AB classics such as 'Blackbird', 'Rise Today' and  'Metalingus' which added an extra touch of excitement to the die-hards in attendance.  Sometimes when bands throw new songs into the mix of older ones the reaction can be mixed. Not in the case of Alter Bridge, whose fans have been able to preview new singles since this past summer, which in turn seemed to resonate a more positive reaction. Frontman Myles Kennedy was back in top form (after being sick on some previous stops) however guitarist Mark Tremonti still took over lead vocal duties during their performance of 'Waters Rising'. Soft spoken bassist Brian Marshall meandered his way around the stage, occasionally flashing a smile or a nod to the fans, and back to 'home base' near Flips drum riser where he's usually stationed. Having personally seen Alter Bridge back on their very first tour for "One Day Remains", it's amazing to see where they're at today. The production/visuals have certainly taken Alter Bridge's show to the next level...  This is how an Alter Bridge show was meant to be experienced! Complete with strobes, lasers and video screens. \m/

Alter Bridge are at the top of their game, always pushing the limits of their sonic capabilities. "Walk The Sky" will be another example of just that. The new album will be released October 18th but you can preorder it now via their Official Site. AB Set: 

One Life (Intro)

Wouldn't You Rather


Come To Life

Pay No Mind

Rise Today

Addicted To Pain

Waters Rising

Take the Crown

Cry of Achilles



Open Your Eyes

Skillet launched into their high-energy set with the anthemic 'Feel Invincible', riling the crowd up into a frenzy shouting, "I feel, I feel it! Invincible!"  The energy inside the Fillmore was electric.  Maintaining that momentum, Skillet bridged 'Not Gonna Die' from their album "Rise" to a newer track 'You Ain't Ready' which featured frontman John Cooper turning himself into a half man/half machine, with smoke canons attached to his arms. Vocally, Cooper was spot-on as always. Truly a great frontman who knows how to captivate his army of Panheads. Korey Cooper (rhythm guitar, keys/synth, vocals) ripped around the stage like a constant fiery ball of energy. Lead guitarist Seth Morrison was equally as frenetic all the while making his solos look effortless. This makes trying to photograph them a bit of a challenge but it's always fun. Like trying to catch lightning in a bottle!  During their performance of 'Awake and Alive' drummer extraordinaire, Jen Ledger, came out from behind the kit to exchange vocal talents with John. Korey & Seth could be found on hydraulic lift platforms, to either side of the drum riser, doing their part. Throughout the night Skillet delivered fist-pumping anthem after fist-pumping anthem with unrelenting energy.  Stage lighting and smoke machines usually play an integral part of Skillet's live set but one thing is for certain, when you witness a Skillet show- a band that gives back 150% of the passion and energy that their fans give them every.. single.. time. 

The band will continue on with this tour until the end of October before heading to Europe in November. For more information on their tour and their latest album, visit their Official Site.

Skillet Set:  Feel Invincible Not Gonna Die You Ain't Ready Whispers In The Dark Legendary Awake and Alive Back From the Dead Save Me Hero Undefeated Victorious Comatose Monster The Resistance

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